It's Coming, Just let it.

It's coming,
Not the ship sailing to the docks
Bringing merchandise to the folks,
The green grass far away,
It seems like mileage
I don't know, but it's coming.

It's coming
Not the rain
The clouds turning grey
The sounds coming closer and closer erasing the ray.
Drop after drop, platter by platter
No, despite what the weatherman says, that's not it.

It's coming
Not the sun turning the sky orange,
To one man it's sunrise
To the other sunset
But still, that's not it.

It's coming!
Yes, it's coming
It's forming,
It's taking shape
It's beginning to rise to the stage
To the spotlight,
I see the mob begin to rise, to clap
To sing along because they understand
They feel it, they know it.
They know, it's coming.

My music is coming
My art takes seat amid the people's heart
It hears the claps, the cheers, the smiles
Yes, I said it coming
The liberation of the art in my heart.
Yes, it's coming. It's here!

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